About hand therapy

What is hand therapy?

Hand therapy is a specialty practice area of Occupational Therapy, typically concerned with treating orthopaedic, plastics and neurological upper-extremity conditions, optimising the functional use of the hand and arm. At Hand Works, we offer our patients an added dimension to their treatment, by identifying their unique needs through an occupation-based and patient-centred approach. Our ultimate goal is to give our patients a rehabilitation process that promotes healing so they can return to their meaningful activities, thus enhancing their quality of life.

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Pain levels, functional movement, swelling, wound and scar


Custom made Thermoplastic orthosis to immobilise and protect your injury or condition


Wound and scar management, pain and swelling management, exercise prescription and education on condition/injury


Stretching, strengthening, conditioning. Getting you back to work, sport and daily tasks


You are ready to return to your desired activities without any further help

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